Monday, October 5, 2015

What Morgan Freeman's Disembodied Heads Were Thinking In All Those Movie Posters, Part II

This is a continuation of a segment posted in March. Feel free to read these thoughts in Morgan Freeman's dulcet baritone.

"Ah, yes. In the catbird seat, next to Ferris Bueller and Malcolm X. Better not get pricked by those bayonets, though."

"You know, this might be the very first time I've seen the actor's heads in the same sequence as the names listed. Truly, truly remarkable."

"Ah. Claiming upper right hand territory again. Wait, are we three just thoughts in Matthew McConaughey's head?"

"Upper left this time. Hmm. Interesting. Doesn't feel natural. And that miniature lady better not grab my boobs, too."

"Alright, upper right! Almost the entire poster, actually. Overdoing it."

"I look sad, but I am absolutely thrilled to be upper right corner."

"Shoot, upper left this time. I shouldn't complain, though–some poor soul's head got cut off behind me."

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Home."

"What the fuck, people?! What am I doing in this dang lower right quadrant?! Patently unacceptable!"

"I do like my name big like that. But 2 Keanus (actually, more like 1.5) is more than I can handle."


"This feels right. Oh, shit. Is that my dandruff?"

"That's not me, you racist bloggers."

"Okay, upper right corner secured. Not exactly 'disembodied' like the title says, but I'll allow it."

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