Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Some New Walgreens Shelf Brands Announced!

Everybody knows that Walgreens offers generic versions of many brand name items, like Wal-Dryl (for Benadryl) Wal-Tussin (Robitussin) and Wal-Tap (Dimetapp).

Here now are the latest generic 'Walgreens' versions of popular items you can expect to see on the drugstore's shelves this week:

Wall's Mentho Lyptus
Walboro Lights
Capri-Wall Kids Drinks
Captain Wal-gan Spiced Rum
Pink Floyd's "The Wal"
Wal-der Bread
Wal HPV Home Test and Nacho Dip
Wal-BQ Sauce
Hey Now, You're A Wal-Star
The Capit-Wal One Card: "What's In Your Wal-et?"
Wal-E Cigarettes
Wal-ive Garden
Count Chocu-Wal Cereal
Mi-Wal (generic version of Midol)


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