Wednesday, October 28, 2015

EADJ Tries To Justify The Odd Group Photos In Halloween Costume Ads

This is more of a writing exercise than anything.

Tony Stark attempts to rescue Pepper Potts' 6 year old niece (who happens to be a toddler pageant champion) from the clutches of a Captain D's employee and a Goth mom who runs a Devil Dogs franchise.

An untested time-traveling teleportation device goes haywire and tragically transforms a 17th Century pirate, an LAPD officer, a Salem Witch and the Devil himself into sexy Latina strippers.

An employee from Universal Pictures (dressed as a Minion) infiltrates a Disney franchise convention between Pixar, Lucasfilm and Disney Animation Studios to steal their trade secrets. Unfortunately, he is discovered and force-choked by overweight security guards.

Good Lord. A group of patriotic (but ill-informed) sorority girls arm themselves with all sorts of shields but end up pregnant anyway.

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