Friday, October 9, 2015

And Now, Vince's Uncle Roberto On How To Install Ceiling Tiles

Here's a quick guide to installing ceiling tiles that can help you save time and effort once you begin the job. Be sure to follow manufacturer's instructions for installation, particularly if you're using cement or adhesive.

1) Select the right tiles
Most ceiling tiles are made of fiberboard, a mixture of fine fibers cut from wood or cane and chemical binders, which are pressed into semihard, flat panels. Special chemicals are added during this process to make fire-resistant tiles. Ask your retailer to help you estimate the materials you need for a tile installation. Most manufacturers provide charts to the retailer to help estimate the number of tiles, the amount of furring, and the gallons of adhesive needed, based on the room size.

2) Determine how to apply the tiles
The two most common methods of ceiling tile application are to use adhesives or to staple or nail the tiles to wood furring strips. A third system involves a metal grid instead of furring strips and metal clips instead of glue or nails. For ceilings made of sound plaster, gypsum board, or other material that provides a sound, smooth, continuous backing, use adhesives to apply the ceiling tiles.

3) Apply tiles with adhesives
Surface preparation is important when using adhesives. Any painted surface should be checked carefully-the paint may flake, peel or become chalky, and your tiles will not adhere. You can test painted surfaces by installing four or five tiles at different places around the room and waiting 48 hours to see how well they adhere.

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