Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Forbidden Conversation Topics When You Go Pumpkin Picking

It's that time of the year again- to go with your loved ones to the local farm and pick out pumpkins for decoration or cooking. Of course, after you get there, it gets pretty boring in that field and you'll want to start a conversation. For when you do, here are some topics you SHOULD NOT bring up during your trip to that patch:

• Your 12 miscarriages
• How lazy black people are
• Your shitty podcast
• How iTunes ruined the music business
• The animation style of "Star Wars Rebels" vs. "Star Wars: The Clone Wars"
• Deadly vermin found in pumpkin patches
• The old horror movie "Basket Case"
• People you've murdered and buried in this pumpkin patch
• How lazy Mexicans are
• How your "gaydar" has improved lately
• Hey, remember Michele Bachmann?
• Why your penis curves
• Christmas

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