Monday, September 30, 2013

EADJ Proudly Presents "KAW!"

"KAW!" (We know it doesn't have an exclamation point, but we like putting one in there) took everything you liked about Hitchcock's "The Birds" and everything you liked about "Boondock Saints," then chucked that and put together what was left into a middling sub-average horror movie.

Killer crows. That's about as fun, simple and telegraphic a concept as you're ever going to get in Hollywood. But I believe the reason why this movie fails is that it overreaches its genre boundaries, trying to make a huge important statement of the dangers of tampering with nature, attributing the crows' murderous behavior to Mad Cow Disease (yes, I'm serious) and generally just bumming the viewer out. And where are the scarecrow jokes? Fucking lighten up, anonymous director!

Anyways, here's the crow's crap of a movie for your enjoyment: 

Overall grade: F

Stay tuned for the Tom Weingard-ized version of this review!