Friday, August 7, 2015

New EADJ Segment: Rising YouTube Celebrities To Watch For

The following are the latest, most popular breakout stars of YouTube, and if you've never heard of them, that means you are about to die of old age.

YouTube Breakout Star: DW11N11K

# Followers: 494,327,598

Summary: DW11N11K is a 19 year old from Belgium who looks at snack cakes (we never see the snack cakes on camera) and makes funny comments about them, often using his hilarious trademark insult "SNÂÂKKØØ!" in his four (and counting) videos. The Huffington Post called DW11N11K "the future of comedy."

Upcoming Project: DW11N11K has just signed a three-picture deal to write, direct and produce a 3D, IMAX DW11N11K trilogy with a budget of $567 Million. "SNÂÂKKØØ!" indeed.

YouTube Breakout Star: Samanthy Van Husselof-Camembert, in her blog "sAmAnThY's Makeup Instructionals"

# Followers: 8 trillion

Summary: Samanthy is a makeup blogger who alternates between how-to's about makeup and complaining about her Mom's diarrhea (they share the bathroom). In just 4 minutes, you can emulate the lipstick secrets of Princess Grace and Ariana Grande OR learn more about how dehydrated a 53 year old woman can become after only two trips to the toilet.

Upcoming Project: Samanthy is planning a "Friends" reunion, although none of the original stars have signed on, and so far it's only Samanthy and her Mom.

YouTube Breakout Star: Professor Timothy Grant of Rutgers University a.k.a. THE TIMBERSHANK

# Followers: 

Summary: Little is known about the secret identity of THE TIMBERSHANK, other than it's Professor Timothy Grant, head of the Biology Department at Rutgers University. THE TIMBERSHANK hosts a series of disturbing videos of cells dividing, moths mating and something called "symbiotic relationships between animals of different species." Trippy and psychedelic, these unexplainable videos are the cutting edge of avant garde YouTube entertainment.

Upcoming Project: Professor Timothy Grant a.k.a. THE TIMBERSHANK will be a chaperone at the Rutgers University Orientation Mixer For Freshman at the beginning of the Fall Semester. His office hours are 5pm-6:30pm on Thursdays in the Plant Science Field House building on the George H. Cook Campus.

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