Thursday, August 6, 2015

Coming "Soon" To The EADJ Crappinema: "Testing The Limits," Starring Various Dicks And Tits

Here at the EADJ Crappinema, we have reviewed the gamut of cinematic entertainment: romantic comedies (Ten Inch Hero), heist movies (My Boys Are Good Boys), supernatural thrillers (Dead Awake), and even children's animated films (Happy the Littlest Bunny). The Crappinema has reviewed 30(!) different movies thus far, but the one genre we haven't covered is SMUT. I think we're ready.

"Testing The Limits" is the 1998 Playboy-produced erotic drama about an attractive young couple who, while enjoying a get-away at a secluded cabin in the mountains, make the acquaintance of a beautiful model and her entourage. Sparks quickly fly, which warm up the cold nights. Also, venereal disease abounds and they run out of hot water for showers.

We plan to review this quality film for you within 12 months and will let you know:

a) whether the soundtrack is worth purchasing

b) if the computer-generated effects from 1998 hold up

c) if Hef makes a cameo appearance as a park ranger with his dick out

Stay tuned, chumps!

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