Thursday, August 20, 2015

A New Segment Where We Shit On Children's Books

Shitting on children's books- does that make you feel like a big blog? I bet it does. Ooh, look at the big mean blog, shitting on books that are trying to instruct young minds.

Nice going to the potty. Now you just put your pants on backwards, genius.

Sir Topham Hat might have the market cornered on talking train slave labor, but he apparently doesn't  know there's a December 31.

Where is Tico? Try behind the barn, buried under the pig trough.


Pressuring an infant to "use their words" is some hardcore Tiger Mothering. And who stole Governor Chris Christie's golf pants?

The Health Department soon shut down the whole operation when they saw A FUCKING RAT handling the food.

After playing construction, Joshua is going to go to his play house to beat his play wife for burning the play dinner.

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