Monday, April 17, 2017

This Week In Hip Hop Awfulness

Some Santas have laps you'll need to towel off before sitting in.

It's nice that Cardi B decided to go with a more candid shot of her everyday life than an artificially posed shot in a studio.

Good thing they hid that guy's eyes. Way to preserve that person's privacy.

"Well, shit. I told Tamara to meet me in the car at 2pm. I'm giving her ten more minutes in the mall, and then I'm driving away."

Yes. Associate yourself with the good, sane Kanye.

Christmas Rapping? Get it? No?

"I pledge allegiance, to the ants, at the side of the driveway at Hojo."

If there's one thing Illa Ghee doesn't abide, it's sassy backtalk on the Brooklyn Bridge.

And before Trill B knew what happened, the three lesbians made off with his gold chains.

An album cover so boring I'd probably pee elsewhere.

"Goddammit. I told Tamara to meet me at the airport at 4pm. Fine. I'll give her ten minutes till I fly to Cancun without her."

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