Tuesday, January 24, 2017

And 20 More Things That Are Cuter Than Ariana Grande

This is part of an irregular but ongoing series.
The two previous entries are here and here.

International pop star Ariana Grande will have you believe- by batting her eyelashes, looking coyly over her shoulder, or biting her lip- that she is the cutest thing since sliced baby bread. We're here to suggest otherwise. And here are 20 more things that are easily cuter than Miss Grande could ever hope to be:

1. Manga bunnies in shorts
2. Ewoks falling over
3. A koala in a track suit
4. An infant hanging on the hood of a speeding car
5. The Pleiades star cluster on certain nights
6. The Airbnb logo
7. Barbie's tiny smartphone
8. An Eskimo child learning to ride a bike
9. A baby dressed like BB-8
10. Baby chicks standing around a miniature conference table as if they're having a meeting
11. Pizza bites packaging
12. A terrified gerbil stuck inside a violin that someone's playing
13. Any 3 year old trying to pronounce the word "swagadocious"
14. "Hamilton" Broadway cast bobbleheads
15. When the janitor brings her daughter into work to help empty the trash cans at 3am
16. Mermaids in diapers
17. Dorf in a kimono
18. Gleek
19. The molecular model for sugar
20. The kid version of MC Serch in 3rd Bass's video for "Pop Goes The Weasel:"

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