Friday, June 23, 2017

This Week In Hip Hop Awfulness

This is exactly what one modicum of artistic talent looks like.
(C-3PO would like his fingers back, please)

Now just slap the CNN logo over the rapper's face and you're good.

"You lost the car? The two of you should be ashamed!"

Interesting. I always thought Edward Scissorhands looked like he was going "Booooooyeeeeee" when he held his hands up.

Black Invader Zim is the new Black Bart.

Either this is a photo of the makeup artist trying to apply anti-sag cream or that dude is strangling a woman to death.

Cash. Origami. Martial Arts.
It's perfect.

This is what the inside of a conspiracy theorist's head looks like. The word "gentrifried" is a bonus.

Jay-Z's name isn't even mentioned! YOU GET TO CLOSE THE LOOP YOURSELF!

The midnight fashion show at Pottery Barn was a blurry failure.

Nobody has told these two yet that they have a record deal and that they're on the cover of their own album.

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