Wednesday, June 14, 2017

And Now, Vince's Uncle Roberto On How To Burnish or "Antique" Leather Shoes

A brand new pair of shoes looks great, but a pair of beautifully burnished antique ones can look even better. But it usually takes years and years of wear and polish to create the look. Here now are a few steps to achieve the same look in a fraction of the time:

1) First, use a multi-purpose conditioning cream to moisturize the leather and clean off any gunk or stains that might prevent the pores absorbing some new polish. Apply two coats of brown cream polish to the entire shoe by rubbing it in thoroughly, letting the cream dry, and then buffing smooth and repeating.

2)  Next, switch to the darker stuff. Black polish will darken the leather, but only subtly, so don't worry: once the process is done, the leather will only look a little darker. But remember: the darker your shoes are, the less noticeable the effect will be.

3) Follow up the darker polish points with some shoe wax. Rub on a generous amount and then aggressively buff with a chamois. Repeat until those darkened spots are nice and shiny, and your shoes will look beautifully worn!

And speaking of beautifully worn, if you ride in the back of my limo, you'll notice an ashtray in the center and not on the arm rests of the door. I'm trying to keep the leather interior nice, so don't be a jerk and rest your ciggy on the arm rests, capiche? Stay safe, kids.

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