Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Even More Memorable Lines From Movies I Haven't Seen

Chelsea: "Okay, our hair is all braided. Now the fuck what?"

Dina: "Are you finished yet?"
Hector: "Ugggghhh. Yep."

Tranquility Base: "What seems to be the problem, Capricorn One?"
Captain Wilson: "Tranquility Base, I thing the Tang is fermented, cuz I am tripping balls here."

Morgan Freeman's Character: "It's odd that we all worked for Bruce Wayne."
Michael Caine's Character: "That's true. How very interesting."
Alan Arkin's Character: "Bruce Wayne? Who's Bruce Wayne? Are you two crazy?!"

Dean (Ferrell): "He was cheating in Blackjack. Rough him up, Sully."
Sully: "You mean, like, shake him, or slap him?"
Dean: "Jeez, I don't know, Sully, try both, okay? You're the muscle!"

Greg: "Sorry, hon. I'm sure we parked around here somewhere..."

Papa Smurf: "Even though we've lived in an isolated village far from humans, we somehow know all the latest pop culture phrases and memes, ain't that right, Brainy Smurf?"

Brainy Smurf: "YOLO, beeyatch! Fidget Spinner Twitterverse Rickroll throwing shade! LOL"

Saresh: "You know how it is!"
Prya: "I sure do!"

Demon 3: "Okay, you found me."

Axton: "I'm going bonkers here, Wilma! I need a motherfucking support animal!"

Dougie: "My penis is erect because of your amazing body."
Candy: "Gross. I'm calling the police."

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