Monday, March 20, 2017

We Need To Talk About Ginge

I got this postcard in the mailbox a few months ago- not stamped, which means she DROPPED IT IN MY MAILBOX. This extremely enthusiastic real estate agent Sarah "Ginge" Calhoun seems nice but is coming on too strong, like a divorcée at speed dating.


1) getting familiar fast with the nickname thing
2) YOU + ME + WE
3) the word "love" is bolded three times
4) oversharing of all contact information
5) an invitation to tea

Now, I'm sure Ginge is a lovely person and perhaps a darn good real estate agent, but she might need to pump the brakes a little for my comfort. I'm not even looking to sell my house or buy a new one, and I already feel like she'd show up at my door at 8am ready to talk MIDCENTURY MODERN HOMES AND HO INSURANCE. Worse yet, I feel like if I ever tried to go with another real estate agent, she'd boil my rabbit.

Ease up, Ginge!

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