Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Emily VENTS 3 in Terrifying 3D

Here's that semi-irregular segment where Emily Kane sounds off on whatever cheeses her off that day. She is not being compensated for these unsolicited opinions.

Previously, Emily vented about the social posts of Potbelly Sandwiches. This time, she'll be venting about the social posts of Potbelly Sandwiches.

No scarecrow needed.

Yer so bad. Wipe your mouth, MS Paint.

Yes, I’ll have the Barbara Streisandwitch.  Extra nose. 

“Anyway, here’s Wonderwall”

Eat a sandwich, dick.

I admit their sandwiches look better when photographed in a prison cell.  


Hey, I’m sandwiches for hands guy, now gimme some candy!

Just like grandma used to make. 

Extra Cap’n Crunch and croutons, please.  I’d like all the skin hanging from the roof of my mouth, if possible.

A gif in which a snowman dies.  You think it’s a latte but no.  Hot soup.

This belongs in the worst diorama anyone has ever made.

It's like they're on to me.

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Al Gozinya said...

The custom fitted protective chicken legwear should be added to the list of things that are far more cute than Ariana Grande. (see image date stamped Nov.15)