Friday, February 3, 2017

Reasons Why Annie + Jackson Won't Last

Spotted in Staples, a mockup of a Save the Date, featuring an Annie + Jackson:

1) They're having the wedding (November 25) on a Thanksgiving weekend?! That's either on purpose because they're so unsure about the wedding that they don't want their relatives and friends to actually attend, or they're so dumbly infatuated with each other that they haven't properly thought things through.

2) It's a sweet pose, but the fact that Jackson has his back to her and doesn't make eye contact speaks volumes about their actual chemistry.

3) Not to perpetuate the diamond industrial complex, but I don't see a ring on that hand. Not even a simple band. Bad start, Jackson!

4) Both of their hairstyles are so damned trendy, it wouldn't be a surprise if their relationship were as superficial and fleeting. Truth hurts, folks.

5) They went to STAPLES for invitations? Pair of broke-ass kids are gonna fight over money within the first year and get divorced- mark my words.

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