Friday, February 24, 2017

20 More Things That Are Cuter Than Ariana Grande

The three previous entries of this subject covered quite a lot of ground when it comes to things that are more adorable than Ariana Grande, who by all impressions seems to think she's the baby bee's knees wrapped up in baby cat's pajamas with big manga eyes. Well, we're here to call bullshit on Ariana's claim and to present 20 way cuter alternatives:

1. Pandas dressed up as Teletubbies
2. Baby chicks wearing those little football helmets you used to get from gumball machines
3. The word "snafu"
4. Puppies with hiccups
5. Any cartoon bunny dressed up like a gangster
6. Children cosplaying as Jawas
7. Making a hamster eat at one of those tiny white pizza tables
8. Roly polys
9. Miss Piggy's aggressive courting style
10. A toddler trying to work a keg
11. European police sirens
12. Erotic hand shadow puppets
13. Gingham
14. People who stretch out their suspenders when thinking
15. The last Brussels sprout on your plate
16. Non-personalized license plates that still spell words like "HMM" or "YAH"
17. Calling a gunnery sergeant "gunny"
18. Miniature sombreros
19. Kittens sleeping in a Hulk Hand
20. That tiny puff of smoke when Wile E. Coyote hits the distant ground after falling

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