Monday, December 26, 2016

This Week In Hip Hop Awfulness: Purp & Big Butt Edition

Who needs height to win the NBA Finals when you have grape Kool-Aid and $60?

DJ Power is apparently on every social media platform. Too bad he considers the Beebs "hip hop."

So confused.

This is so stupid that it's semi-perfect. Keep as is.

Raheem Dixon. Interplanetary real estate agent.

Imagine being so dope that you can balance a clip art drawing of a train on your dick.

That's not a peace sign. He's spreading that poor miniature woman's ass cheeks apart.

I'm no Sith, but I'm pretty sure you don't hold a lightsaber like a baseball bat, with the blade so close to your head.

I'm not sure who superimposed clipart art wings on either side of these girls' asses, but it was a poetic touch.

The poor tattoo artist who had to spend 15+ hours inking dumb smudges on that girl's enormous butt.

It's smart to put that many production company logos at the bottom, because then Disney won't know who to start suing.


The streetwise light blue M&M as voiced by Paul Wall.

Pretty impressive to write your last name just by blowing your nose.

P is for Purp. That's good enough for... ah fuck.

Your P.O.I.S. will be downgraded to P.O.S. when your state votes that medical marijuana, when properly distributed at licensed dispensaries, is no longer an illegal substance.

The outskirts of town is a terrible place to push your broken nose back into place.

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