Tuesday, October 18, 2016

This Week In Hip Hop Awfulness

Hey, you can be as badass as you want, but look under your foot– you still belong to Andy.

If you're a T-Rex and you get all blinged out, you only have yourself to blame if your tiny arms can't push past all the chains on your neck.

I'm having a lot of problem with the idea of scale in this cover. Is the gorilla– and thus the samurai armor and sword– giant Godzilla-sized, or is Godzilla the size of a regular gorilla with the pagoda now as a miniature?

I thought that guy was sporting an African American mullet but then realized the "back part" was actually the body of a dinosaur. Yeah, that makes a ton more sense.

Empowering? A parody of empowering? A parody of fake empowerment through the co-opting of stereotypical misogynistic hip hop imagery? Or just dumb?

Hard to look badass with falling leaves. Nice attempt, though.

This is fine as is. Stet.

This has to be breaking some kind of Safe Food Handling law.

Hey, can we stop making parody covers of other albums in mixtapes, please?


Come on guys, please?

Not sure if that model knew that a giant tan word SHIT would be slapped on her ass after the fact.

She say she ready, but do she really? How we know if she tell the truth if we no take her word for it?

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