Monday, April 25, 2016

Here Are Your Timesheets

Hey guys. Gary here.

I know none of you like to get a nagging email from your President, urging you to complete your timesheets on time. It can only mean that Sara in Accounting is so fed up with bugging you that she's coming to me to bring the hammer down. So, that's why I'm here- I'm bringing the hammer down on those of you who feel like you're too busy or too special to do your weekly timesheets, and frankly, I'm a bit miffed at that.

We're trying to run a business here, folks. And that means every employee (yes, even YOU, Donavan!) needs to log in their time correctly and in a timely fashion SO THAT WE CAN BILL OUR CLIENTS. That last part is the most important, you see.

So please don't make me break out the tennis racket and start (lovingly) beating you all over the heads to get this done. DO IT TODAY BEFORE YOU LEAVE!!!!

That's all.

p.s. Here are the new codes for this week:

34543: Explaining vaping to someone

91190: Huffing glitter glue

27271: Psyching yourself up to take a dump

60013: Conjugating the word "to conjugate"

00088: Googling "Becky with the good hair"

34738: Burning for the microwave popcorn

83224: Re-folding the Twister mat correctly

77739: Asking what this meeting was about again?

25157: Convincing the Sharks that your business idea isn't total crap

93303: Making two corn cobs fuck to make baby corn

11198: Selling stolen office supplies back to the office

58588: Not staring at Cheryl's glass eye

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