Friday, April 8, 2016

Here Are Your Job Numbers For April

Hello all. This is Matthew from the 8th floor. Candice is out of the office this week to go on a brewery tour, so I'm taking over billing for the time being. And I need not remind you all to do your timesheets on time, or else we can't bill the client, and it screws up our entire billing cycle. So PLEASE do your timesheets either today or tomorrow morning by noon. Use these codes:

83660 - Shitting

20931 - Pretending to have black friends

23244 - Trying to work the word "legerdemain" into conversation

99798 - Trying the blood pressure thingie on your genitals

611925 - Arguing the benefits of Stridex vs. Clearasil

319794 - Googling "Soul Asylum lyrics"

313346 - Conjugatin'

952755 - Nailing Annie again

240697 - Updating your FAIL BLOG from 5 years ago

627342 - Spackling up the glory hole (for good this time)

583123 - Ordering the jerk chicken without giggling

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