Friday, May 29, 2015

This Week In Hip Hop Awfulness

Chedda didn't care if his friends made fun of him- he bowled his best games with the 5 lb. kiddie ball.

"Aw, shit. Your ass just got CHUBSNUGGED!"

A quick peek inside the giant blue condom showed the prevention of at least eight hopeful emcees.

This is appropriate because people desperately want DJ Clue to go away and die but he keeps coming back again and again with shitty reverb sound effects.

"Hi, I'm La Chat, and I'll be your hibachi chef tonight. No, Joe Watanabe is out sick, but I got you, honey."

Jody and Ernie stood at the valet stand for an awkward 10 minutes before realizing someone stole their car.

Young Dolph later got an official cease and desist letter from the Nation of Zamunda.


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