Monday, May 18, 2015

Brutal Finishing Moves of the New Mortal Kombat Game

Earlier in April, Mortal Kombat X (or MKX) was released for the PS4, Xbox One and Steam, and like its predecessors, features tons of violent finishing moves, or Fatalities.

Here is a list of the new Fatality finishing moves:

• Cassie Cage destroys Liu Kang's antivaccination rationale
• Takeda completely rips on Sonya Blade's Netflix rental history
• Kung Jin grabs Goro by the arm and tells him in private to "cool it about black people"
• Sub-Zero refuses to acknowledge Kitana at the next meet 'n greet mixer
• Kenshi doesn't deposit enough money into his and Quan Chi's joint bank account, thereby causing serious overdraft fees
• Mileena promises to pick you up at Baggage Claim but instead parks in Short Term and doesn't tell you
• Scorpion intentionally pronounces Kano's name wrong
• Johnny Cage disembowels D'Vorah, slashes her throat, and then skips out on their bar tab, leaving her to pay for everything
• Raiden starts texting to Goro, causing the gray circles in Chat by his name to show up, but doesn't end up typing anything at all, leaving Goro totally in suspense

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