Thursday, September 29, 2016

The EADJ Fashion Round-Up, Fall 2016 Look Book

So somebody once told you you resemble Steve Perry, so you fancied yourself a rock star and started wearing hipster jeans so tight that they rendered your parents infertile.

When you dress like John Goodman in "The Big Lebowski," people assume that either you're cosplaying or about to whip out a gun in a bowling alley.

The problem with "urban fashion" is that it automatically makes you look like a six year old going to a sleepover and suddenly you're not interested in women.

Thank God she found the matching pink shoes. Otherwise she'd never have left the house.

Going to take the dog out to take a shit on the pavement? Wear long slacks that drag on the ground with sandals, of course!

(This photo submitted by Emily Kane)

Whether you're the living embodiment of the Flintstones' Bam-Bam or Gary Busey in a "biker phase," you'll want to hang out at the roadhouse in this grey-tshirt-and-sleeveless-denim-vest ensemble to announce to the world that you're "too fast to live, too lazy to pick out a better outfit."

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