Friday, September 2, 2016

Here Are Your Time Sheets For This Week

Ahoy group!

Sorry for not speak english well. This speaking Chenguang Song from Taipei branch of conglomerate. Asked by United of States headquarters to fill in for Shirley in Billing, who out of office due to abortion appointment.

It is my sincere duty to remind the employees of you to turn in time+sheets by day's end. Failure to turn it in will result in one garnishing of wages two disciplinary measures and three come up with a third thing that will scare them.

Here now are the display of time codes for your entrances:

18584: Coming up with an excuse not to buy your friend's daughter's Girl Scout cookies

29559: Wishing and Hoping and Thinking and Praying

92945: Solving for x

55463: Weakly defending your opinion that Adele isn't all that great

92454: Dropping that zero

38211: Finding yourself a hero

30086: Wondering how Yoda would say the phrase "I shit you not."

88888: Singing to Verizon Wireless' hold music

25812: Masturbating in the employee restroom while looking at Instagram photos of your cubemate on your phone

77414: Repairing the timeline

02478: Trying to reach the Batarang embedded in the ceiling

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