Thursday, March 17, 2016

This Week in Hip Hop Awfulness

Corona. Find Your Beach.

Your Arms Are Too Short To Box With Godzilla... Never Mind.

Dice Soho never got to adjust the thermostat to his liking.

I would honestly rather listen to these guys talk about their plan for the country.

Star Wars Episode I: A Rectangle Makes a Round Crater

Star Wars Episode II: Now Kylo Ren Is Even More Confused Than Before

Star Wars Episode III: The Death Star Gets Scanned At The Supermarket

A Dreamcast logo? Yes, this is enough for me to be interested in the mixtape.

The Love Is... comic strip gets cynical.

This cover will make 11th graders giggle and 50 year old men sigh.

Despite all his dollar bills, Trill Sammy couldn't find a single quarter to ride the miniature Ferrari.

"Hey man, you like weed? I smoke weed. I love it. I smoke a bong, a joint, a one-hitter, whatever. I'm like totally baked all the time, because it's cool and illegal and all... What? The city has just legalized marijuana for recreational use? Fuck."

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