Friday, March 4, 2016

The Latest Upcoming Instagram Stars

Instagram, the Twitter for people who can't read, has become a breeding ground for many new online personalities. Here now are the latest Instagrammers to follow:

  • 826 posts
  • 171 following

J3ffBladen mainly posts photos of him wearing his designer shirts, his midcentury modern house in Malibu, and screenshots of his major accomplishments on Sims 3.

  • 1226 posts
  • 4500 following

Mostly a gag Instagram account, Tanya and Sherri are actually two teenage boys from Vermont who hide bundt cakes and swim floaties in their yoga pants to prank people.

  • 3 posts
  • 2 following

Little is known about the man in Helsinki named "Cake," except that he has some very strong opinions on fracking and about the latest 6 "X-Files" episodes.

  • 489 posts
  • 63k following

Bamonis Broadside is a 19 year old vegan fashion designer in the Bronx who can recite every line in "The Tempest" and who has never owned a television. He is FUCKING UNBEARABLE.

    • 35k posts
    • 0 following

    Engaged couple Kath and Jimmo love each other so much, they started an Instagram account together. 6 million followers tune in every day to watch them document every detail of their loving love life and the lives of those they love. 6 million people need to get a fucking life.

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