Friday, February 26, 2016

Here Are Your Job Numbers For February

Hey guys

Sorry to be the bad guy, but Donovan in accounting is really riding me to get everyone to fill out their timesheets by EOD today, and you know how it is- if we can't bill 'em, they can't pay us! So PLEASE take a moment to find your job number in the following list, fill out your timesheets and notify me ASAP (and remember, you have to hit 'SUBMIT' for it to register!)!

Don't make me stalk you guys!


93473 - Kicking ass (without taking names)

89821 - Arguing that ALL LIVES MATTER

18330 - Eating KFC cole slaw

66289 - Pretending to know who Chrissy Teigan is

01192 - Checking Tinder while masturbating

47331 - Blowing your nose into a wig

83228 - Finding the good in people

54341 - Trying to find a word to rhyme with "Hannity" for a rap

18214 - Doing drop sets

91116 - Explaining "Damn Daniel" to anyone over 30

44417 - Sampling heroin

03403 - Being an inspiration for young girls and women everywhere

10932 - Reheating stew

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