Thursday, September 3, 2015

This Week In Hip Hop Awfulness

Sammy Hagar has fallen so far since leaving Van Halen.

See, this is what you get for making him wait too long for a table at Olive Garden.

Kwabs didn't let a little power outage stop him from giving blood.

Maitre Gims forgot to take his biker jacket off before getting into his waterbed.

Don't worry about that mosquito. Meek Mill got it.

Nickelus F kept track of what all the former "Real World" cast members were up to, and he took it seriously.

Jesus is not impressed with Perry Boi's Photoshop skillz.

"Why yes, I do have my own microbrew. How'd you know?"

I hate to be so generalist about this, but you just know this album fucking sucks just by the cover.

Finally, a pimp for all those Bratz Dolls.

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