Thursday, September 17, 2015

EADJ Celebrates Its 3,000th Entry!

You might find it hard to believe, but this stupid blog has posted 3000 entries as of this one since its 2007 launch. 2007 was back when blogging was a thing and people read content that wasn't in fucking listicles.

Well, we wouldn't exactly call the entries we've shared here "content," but whatever, lady.

We'd like to thank Blogger for not shutting this thing down for using copyrighted material, a bunch of cursewords and using unauthorized photos of people dressed like jackasses in public.

But we definitely have to thank the eponymous Joel Thomas, who's provided us with someone to jest at, around, and inside of. Thanks for being a good sport, dick eater.

Here's my favorite photo of Joel where he's interviewing a Stratosphere Dong in a Stratosphere Tower container at the top of the Stratosphere Casino Tower in February of 2008:

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writerjoel said...

What's this??? I'm offended!!! Take this down!!!! Where's my fainting couch?