Thursday, April 23, 2015

An Imagined Conversation

"Hello, Infiniti Group International."
"Hi, I think I just killed someone."
"Excuse me?"
"I... I think I just hit a biker in Midtown with my Pathfinder. I think he might be dead."
"Wait, this is not 911. This is the assistance line for Infiniti Group. We sell clocks."
"Yes, clocks. Do you have a clock problem?"
"Sort of. I think I killed a guy. I didn't mean – he just came out of a side road and I couldn't swerve in time. Can I turn time back before I did it?"
"Very funny. Please get off the phone."
"No, seriously. I need your help. It says 'Please call for assistance,' and that's what I'm doing."
"Was there an Infiniti brand clock on the scene of the accident?"
"Yes. That's where I found this sticker."
"Okay. Just give me your social security number and location, and I'll send our Temporal Task Force Police to revise your recent history."
"Oh, thank you!"

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