Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Triumphant Return of the New Jersey Transit Survey Brochure

Yesterday, New Jersey Transit train cars were littered festooned with brochures announcing this year's NJ Transit Survey.

Looks like they've kept the iconic awkward photo from last year. So fans of that photo will be relieved that the visual essence of this pamphlet won't change.

One of you might wonder, how is the new survey brochure different from the previous survey brochure? Well, we'll tell you:

1) Changed starburst from eye-catching orange to camouflage-y white

2) Added ginormous block lettering

3) Added racing stripes (courtesy of West Coast Customs)

4) Either by accident or by design, the "O" in "OF" now circles the pointing hand 

5) Changed headline to 8 OUT OF 10 CUSTOMERS RECOMMEND US! headline, thus skewing the whole idea of an impartial survey

6) Changed background color from a vibrant blue to a depressed bruise purple

7) Retained stupid illegible font in URL

8) Retained godawful shit-strip of logos at the bottom

Also, inspired by the recent release of The LEGO Movie, New Jersey Transit recently announced that they are partnering with the Weinstein Company to start filming the New Jersey Transit Movie next year and have just announced the cast, which if you ask me is pretty darn spot-on:

The film is to be released early summer of 2038.

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