Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dis Week In Hip Hop Awfulness

Remember wealthy freegans: remove your fine mink coat before dumpster diving for cantaloupe rinds and celery stalks.

After making it big, Joe Ryan forgot that the check cashing place in his home town didn't offer valet parking.

Do not attempt to shoot at the giant ghostly,blue-lightning-spouting heads floating above Brooklyn. They are apparently protected by invisible bulletproof glass.

Speaking of floating heads...

Not all men wearing sunglasses are stroking their chins.
And not all men with backwards hats are stroking their chins.
But only ONE MAN stroking his chin doesn't have sunglasses and is wearing a backwards hat!

Perfect. No change necessary.

"Okay, this loft space has potential but is simply lacks light and practial flow. So what we're going to do here is knock out that east wall. This will open up this entire space and still leave the north wall with plenty of storage and shelving. Don't worry- that wasn't a load-bearing wall. Remember, this was converted warehouse space! See, now isn't this much better? This has been Shell's Creative Spaces, brought to you by HGTV and Alberta Television!"

Probably one thing you don't want to affiliate yourself with is Mel Gibson.

That means you too, Prodigy.

Throw up all the catchers signals you want, but when you're stuck in a hot tub with the moon, hardly anyone will want to help you out.

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