Monday, July 10, 2017

This Week In Hip Hop Awfulness

Berner & Styles P were delighted that the IKEA cafeteria offered plates of broccoli.

Eric finished his album cover and then returned the safety scissors to Ms. Hannigan's desk.

"You called a Lyft?"

Soulja Boy not only is a terrible rapper - he also has trouble storing his money and thinks airport runways are good places to park.

When Party City doesn't have licensed Star Wars costumes, Kent Jones is forced to wear "Death Space Villain."

In my old man experience, any album that has the word "purp" or "trap" automatically sucks.
And so far, I haven't been wrong.

Somebody mixed their Allegra with their ketamine.

Guess what his favorite movie is (it rhymes with "Spar Trace")?

No regrets at all, B? Not even the man bun?

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