Monday, July 3, 2017

And Now, Vince's Uncle Roberto On How To Win At RISK

Lots of folks like to play the classic board game RISK, but so many don't know the proper strategy to win. Here now are steps you can take to come out on top at your next game night!

1) Conquer continents wisely. While it's good to try to conquer continents early in the game, you must be aware that there are advantages and disadvantages to each continent. More isolated continents may be easier to maintain, but they are also more difficult to expand from. Therefore, you should choose a continent that is in line with your strategy.

2) Pay attention to the army bonus that you get for each continent. Some continents are much more beneficial to hold than others because you will get a better army bonus each turn. Before you begin trying to conquer a continent, find out how many armies you will get as a bonus for holding that continent. For example, Europe gives you a bonus of 5 armies per turn for holding the continent, while Africa gives you a bonus of 3 armies per turn. These bonus armies add up to victory!

3) Attack with the right amount of armies. Knowing how many armies to use in an attack on an opponent can be a huge boost to your chances of winning. A good general rule in attacking an enemy territory is to use twice as many armies as your opponent has on the territory you want to attack. This will increase your chances of winning and overtaking the territory. Keep in mind that you will need to move these armies to an adjacent territory before you begin your attack.

4) Fortify your borders against enemy attack. Make sure that you place reinforcements along your borders to make it harder for enemies to penetrate your territory.

And speaking of RISK, anyone who ever gets into my limo wearing an ankle monitor will be kindly but firmly asked to take another limo; I don't need the drama after last year. Be safe kids!

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