Wednesday, May 10, 2017

This Week In Hip Hop Awfulness

The local theatre production of "Lawrence of Arabia" tried their best with the budget they had.

Two former students harmlessly exact revenge on their alma mater using one bootleg copy of Photoshop and photos of a fireplace fire.

Later, Residence Inn employees were baffled by the baby oil footprints on the 8th floor.

This is actually really well done. No changes!

Mom's curlers + Mom's blue bedsheets + flashlight = GANGSTA MIXTAPE!

We all love the smell of our own farts, don't we?

"School crosswalks LOL!"

There was a mixup at the printer, and they ended up putting the paper *protecting* the artwork on the scanner. Whoopsie!

George would rather wait hours for his party to show up than lose the deposit on his Houston's Steakhouse reservation.

Choose the wrong typeface and you end up on the cover of "The Crap Tribune."

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