Monday, May 29, 2017

Your Guide To Living Excellently By Steve Bannon

Hi guys.

Steve Bannon here. I'm sure a lot of you are wondrering why I would make time in my already busy schedule to write a column on an unknown blog about how to live excelently. Well, it's because I care about you people, and I wanted to share the secrets I've dicovered that can get you to where I am now. So let's begin and HAVE SOME FUN!

The first thing we need to address in this wonderful 3-part series is CAPITLASISM. From the lemonade stand on your corner to the multicongolmeate international corporations you see today, we need to feed the wheels of industry to make society pay for its liberal sins of civil rights SUCCEED!

And how do we do this? Simple! In addition to continuing the honored traditions of nationalism, sexual modesty, patriarchy, and religion, we have to GO OUT TO EAT!  That ensures that all the rules of society don't break down into orgies, civil disobedience and miscegenation. Also, TIP YOUR WAITRESSES! They work hard, and you gotta give it up to them for doing they're job so well!

Am I making sense? I hope so. I'm writting this on a Blackberry in a limo bound for GOLDEN CORRAL!!!!! That's right. I PATRICE WHAT I PREACH and I am feeding the weels of industry by spending my hard earned white money into an honest white Christian business. PROGRESS!

Okay enough fun for my first entry. I spilled some pork n beans on my suit pants here. Also I think I'm either getting a goiter or there's a squirrel under my chin. SEE YOU SOON!

Love and white power,


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