Friday, January 15, 2016

This Week In Hip Hop Awfulness

Every song on this album is in the key of "sea." Get it? SEA? Get it?

Kent never liked using crosswalks. Especially when he's crossing an airport runway.

Where did Consequence find satin pajamas for a kid? I bet Sylvester Stallone is wondering who burglarized his bedroom.

"You got any more of them hat pins, man?"

Say what you will about Cartoon Lil Flash - he does practice good trigger discipline.

A man can only take so many episodes of "The Talk."

Mike regretted riding in the back of his aunt's El Camino through Atlanta's "paved" streets.

There's something wrong when your mixtape cover makes you think less of the rapper and more about's return policy.

Amazingly, this album is all tender love ballads with backing vocals by John Legend and Norah Jones.

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