Monday, January 4, 2016

The EADJ Cold-As-Shit-Outside Fashion Round-Up

Helpful hint: When your ensemble doesn't provide you with an eskimo hood, poof that hair up and create one!


Tweedledee and Tweedledum order Subway in matching B-Boy/Target stockboy outfits.

Lothar, Guide To the Nether-elves of Cythgandall, wonders if he can ship that enchanted ring via UPS ground for less.

Come on Barbie let's take a selfie. Ah ah ah ah
Come on Barbie let's take a selfie. Oh oh ah oh

Always dress your best when eating lunch with your best friend.

A leather duster and cowboy hat tells everyone at Penn Station you're tougher than Chuck Lidell's ballsack (and smell exactly like it).

Meanwhile, that mother's inner child is having seconds.

Sometimes it's so cold outside, that the warmth of a Pizza Hut Express oven isn't enough to warm you. Go all out in a full-length rat coat.

Dressing like Wilma Flintstone won't make you warmer, but it will gain points with your kids.

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