Monday, July 11, 2016

Starbucks Announces New Ground Coffee Blend Brands

For years now, Starbucks has sold special house brands of coffee blends at their locations for home brewing. Top selling titles like Gold Coast Blend and Rwanda Hingakawa bring the Starbucks brand in the home and provide a more personal alternative to the coffeeshop experience.

Here now are some new coffee blend labels that Starbucks is releasing later this year:

• Kentucky Sour Mash Coffee

• St. Louis Racial Unrest-accino

• Professor Fartfuck's Cuntin' Dinglecockring Pussyslappers

• Brooklyn Old Jew Blend

• Cleveland LeGround James

• San Antonio Tex-Mex Spicy Espresso

• Austin Weirdo Soap-Flakes-And-Glitter Decaf Blend

• Gotham Dead Parents Hazelnut

• Las Vegas Dark Regret

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