Thursday, December 3, 2015

Track Listing For a Kwanzaa Carols CD Written By Someone Who Knows Nothing About Kwanzaa But Has The Utmost Respect For It But Only Has The CD Cover To Go By

1) Feast?

2) 6 Pillars of Pride

3) The Red, Green and Black of It All

4) And Now We Pass The Cup

5) Salt, Fruit, and Wheat Threshings

6) Blessings of the Season (Uptown Remix)

7) What The Corn Means (What Does It Mean?)

8) Performing On Greenscreen

9) Kwanzaa: An Evening (Week?) of Reflection or Celebration or Something

10) Deck The Halls (Serious Kwanzaa Version)

11)  Light That Candle (For That Kwanzaa Flame)

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