Thursday, December 31, 2015

Here Are Your Year-End Job Numbers

Hello, all. Kiersten from HR here. I wanted to remind everyone to fill in your timesheets BEFORE leaving for the break. Too many times now, we've left jobs open and couldn't bill the client and had to move budgets around to compensate, and let me tell you, WE ARE NOT DOING WITHOUT WEDNESDAY DONUTS EVER AGAIN.

So please use these job numbers for your 2015 timesheets and submit them either digitally or hand them to Gary (NOT Sylvia) by the end of the week.

Have a great break, guys!


47339 - Head boppin'

05594 - Body rockin'

13781 - Doin' the do

03392 - Beer drinkin'

93738 - Breath stinkin'

99581 - Sniffin' glue

50254 - Belly flippin'

30339 - Always illing

86144 - Bustin' caps

39018 - My name is Mike D

92826 - and I write my own snaps

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