Thursday, November 26, 2015

Here Are Your Job Numbers

Greetings, all. Sorry we haven't been able to share these sooner, but the last-minute reschedule of client presentations and Sheryl's baby shower in the Fishbowl have delayed the collection of these job codes. Please use these numbers instead of the ones given back in April:

76552 - Metadata Meeting

84944 - Social and Digital Extension Brainstorm

93411 - Discussion of Enterprise vs. Millennium Falcon

50567 - Faking Timesheets

10092 - Dollar Store Spending Spree courtesy of Petty Cash

88294 - Teaching the I.T. Guy How To Kiss

39231 - Smoke Break (No Vapes)

28221 - Comparing Your Leather Jacket To The CEO's

58994 - Explaining To H.R. Why the Term "Titty Twister" Isn't Offensive

20246 - Pushing Your Amway Shit In Conference Room B

49328 - Furious Argument Over Who Keeps Stealing The Kitchen's Honey

90032 - Fainting

18231 - Audit of Sally's Workout Clothes While She's At Lunch

54930 - Vomiting Again

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