Friday, November 20, 2015

Some Surprises From Adele's New Album, "25"

Adele's long-awaited album hits stores today, right when you just got "Rolling In The Deep" out of your head.

Here are a few surprises upon first listen:

• Track 1 "Choices" samples Li'l Wayne clearing his throat and making armpit farts.

• Liner notes credit deceased Cambodian revolutionary Pol Pot for most of the mixing and production.

• Track 3 "Blame Me" is a tribute to Jennifer Lawrence's butler.

• Track 5-8 is just an old Meineke radio commercial on a loop.

• If you play the album backwards, Adele will appear at your house and organize your bills.

• Adele has a hidden track located exactly 18 minutes after the last track of The Flaming Lips' 2013 album "The Terror."

• Most of the album's subject matter reflects Adele's major issues as a 25 year old, like lost love, still getting carded at bars, and not saving your money for retirement.

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