Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fashion Week Comes Early

Spotted on July 4, this ensemble from the Ralph Lauren 2015 Summer Collection pays tribute to patriotism and terrible life choices.

Betsey Johnson and Emilio Pucci team up for this horrific Rainbow-Brite-going-to-Zumba-class look.

Spotted at the Sesame Place parade(!) in Langforde PA, this new line of revealing swimwear by Nancy Meyer makes your eyes scream for mercy and your erection apologize.

Givenchy launches this new style for metropolitans, which makes you look like your small dog got into your wardrobe and chewed your favorite sweater up so that it looks like you're wearing Skeletor's breast plate on your back.

Whether you're a college dandy from the 1910s or Ke$ha's boring midwestern sister, these new his & hers outfits by Balenciaga are sure to turn (dog) heads.

If you ever lose your bongo drum at a Subway, rest assured that this World Music three piece ensemble by Saint Laurent will announce to everyone that you're looking for it.

This peppy fluorescent number by Galls lets people know who's in charge, who's in control, and who is really running these streets.

When she's not pretending to speak British or eating healthy on welfare money, Gwyneth Paltrow likes to frequent loading docks in this casual ass-crack look by Gucci.

"Let your smile be your umbrella." This young chica took this advice to heart and braved the pouring rain last Friday, strutting her assets in this already-see through summer dress by Frederick's of Hollywood. You go girl!

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