Wednesday, June 10, 2015

More Memorable Lines From Movies I Haven't Seen

Previous entries of this amazing segment are here.

Anonymous hacker: "It was only after I got into the NSA's most protected subfolders that all I was downloading was TROUBLE."

Kevin Hart: "No you gotta do it blacker, son."

(Will Ferrell does something very stereotypically black but goofy as a tall caucasian.)

Kevin Hart: "Alright, alright. You'll get it."

Kumiko: "You shitbags better get your cunthooks off my goddamned treasure. I'm talking to both of you bitch-asses. HANDS THE FUCK OFF."

Rob Lowe: "God, you're beautiful when you're twisted."
Young Actress: "What's with the porn glasses? Is this another Direct TV commercial?"

Jean Claude Van Damme: "WHO TOOK MY EARS???!!!"

Ed Harris: "You shut up."
Liam Neeson: "No, you shut up."
Ed Harris: "No, you shut up."
Liam Neeson: "No, I want you to shut up."
Joel Kinnaman: "Guys guys guys..."
Ed Harris & Liam Neeson (to Joel Kinnaman): "SHUT UP!"

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