Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Most Common Interjections On The "Thomas The Tank Engine" Show and Their Real-Life Translations

The following are common catchphrases uttered by Thomas and his friends, along with their meaning in the real world:

"Cinders and Ashes!" = "FUCK!"

"Fizzling Fireboxes!" = "Shee-it."

"Flatten my Funnel!" = "Well, fuck me sideways."

"Bust my buffers!" = "Motherfucker!"

"Flatten my Fender!" = "Pisser."

"Rattle my Rods!" = "Suck my dick."

"Bust my boiler!" = "GO FUCK YOURSELF."

"Bubbling Boilers!" = "Oh GODDAMMIT."

"Trembling Tracks!" = "Ah, tits."

"Fenders and Funnels!" = "Eat my steamy train ASS."

"Clattering Coaches!" = "Gee willikers, cocksuckers!"

"Pumping Pistons!" = "Man up, you pussy."

"Footplates and Fenders!" = "Footplates and Fenders!"

"Blistering Boilers!" = "You dogfucking monkey."

"Flaming Funnels!" = "Fuck your mother, asshole."

"Buffers and Bumpers!" = "Boobs and butts!"

"Wobbling Wheels!" = "Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit."

"Fumbling Fenders!" = "Cock and balls. In your mouth."

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