Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Today We Heckle The Oriental Trading Holiday Catalog

If you ever go to one of those arcades where you pump in countless quarters and end up with a handful of tickets that you can use to purchase useless plastic toy crap? Well, Oriental Trading is where they get that useless plastic toy crap. The holiday catalog has added sections of crap costumes, crap decorations and crap crap.

In a room full of people with ugly sweaters, you can finally stand out from the crowd with the Ugly Sweater Party Sombero. Does it make any sense? No, but look, everyone's looking at you now, puto!

This is a demeaning Nativity costume if there ever was one. I'd rather dress up as a manger turd.

Oh good, you can now get dressed as either Mrs. Claus or Santa's mistress.

Santa A, knowing he was just "good," apparently got belligerently shitfaced before the shoot.

Sadistic hunters string deer up like this before they gut them from crotch to throat.

This stress toy is a friendly reminder that Jesus guides you and also prevents you from murdering everyone at work.

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