Monday, June 27, 2016

This Week In Hip Hop Awfulness

The One Minute Gynecological Clinic at CVS was a hit.

DMX prays for inspiration to create a new combination of the same six words that he uses in all his songs.

"Did I get it? No, this side? Dammit, do you have a mirror?"

Funny, I was sure the Virgin Mary was a Crip wearing all that blue.

Dante describes what happened to his bed when Axl Rose sat down on it.

To answer your question- fuck yeah, Notary Publics make some money.

Mike Posner wanted to sleep, but since you insisted on seeing the plane land, he opened the window shade. Happy now, you dick?

Not a real Rolex. But that's okay- that's not real cocaine either.

It was four days since her interview at Ann Taylor Loft, and Karla was wondering what was taking so long for them to call her.

Getty Images thanks you for your stock image order. "FeatherOnScale.jpg" should be available for download shortly.

It took no less than 5 different logo'd organizations to bring you this pile of crap.

R. Kelly regrets giving you a coriander enema. It should have been basil and rosemary.

"Just put a white streak over his eyes to hide his identity. No one will sue us then."

I don't quite understand the Wendy's hatred here. Maybe it's because of this.

This might be the most unposed-looking pose I've ever seen on an album cover.

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